Pt. 1 Jesus, our Servant

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

“Truly, I say to you, he will dress himself for service and have them recline at table, and he will come and serve them” (Luke 12:37)


As we looked at this past weekend that Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father have a servanthood relationship, we recognized that being a servant is not a rare form to live by. We saw that Jesus is our servant. Not in a belittles Him. John Piper says that following words regarding this: Does this belittle the risen Christ?

It would, if “servant” meant “one who takes orders,” or if we thought we were his masters. Yes, that would dishonor him. But it does not dishonor him to say that we are weak and need his help. It does not dishonor him to say that he is the only one who can service us with what we need most. It does not dishonor him to say that he is an inexhaustible spring of love, and that the more he helps us and the more we depend on his service, the more amazing his resources appear. Therefore, we can confidently say, “Jesus Christ is alive to serve!”

I can't wait until Christ comes back! Can you believe that the King of kings is going to be serving us in eternity! Again, not in a way that we are the masters, no. We are still HIS servants, Christ is going to serve us out of love and welcome us home at the Wedding of the Lamb.

I remember the Quinceañeras that I have attended. Just how a lot of family members help the hosts by serving the food to the guests. I can imagine Jesus doing the same for us.

And in that servant heart that Jesus extends towards us, we must do the same to our neighbors, friends, and enemies.


Lord, thank you for serving us in a way that we would never of been able to serve ourselves. Why? Because we were lost, and while we were still sinners you sent your Son Jesus Christ to die for us. Help us to accept this fact. You served us. You saved us to Serve.

Key Thought

Let that sink in, that Jesus Christ served us first, so that we can serve others.

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